FOR is born in 1960 as a branch of our parent company Borghi and has acquired total autonomy with the construction of its own factory in 1979. FOR is currently considered a leader in the fields it serves, not only in Italy, but abroad as well.

Quality, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas have guided FOR to the production of state-of-the-art connectors and flexible hose assemblies. Modern technologies, the development of company personnel and full internal management of the production processes are some of the strategies implemented to attain "total quality".

space 23.500 mq
covered area 11.500 mq
uncovered area 12.000 mq


Quality, research, innovation, optimization of human resources, flexibility, proactivity and ability to anticipate market trends are some of the characteristics that make FOR a Company projected to meet the challenges imposed by the future.
Our cycles of production constantly observe criteria with the goal of attaining only the highest quality standards.

The attention that FOR dedicates to its products is evident in the care taken during each moment of the production cycle.
FOR is an accredited member of the International Standards Organization and participates in the meetings organized worldwide.

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